Travelport's eNett International Adds USD Currency

eNett International, a Travelport joint venture and a provider of payment solutions to the needs of the travel industry has announced that MasterCard virtual account numbers can now be issued in U.S. dollars within the vNett payments solution.

Recently launched to the global travel industry, vNett virtual cards are a secure and widely accepted means for IATA and non-IATA travel agencies to pay their travel suppliers. A 16 digit MasterCard virtual account number is issued for a specific transaction or set of transactions, eliminating the possibility of misuse.

eNett says the solution reduces the risk arising from service default, streamlines the accounts payable function and delivers comprehensive web-based reporting in real-time. One of the unique features of the vNett platform is that virtual account numbers can be processed in all major currencies, removing the need to pay foreign transaction fees.

vNett can easily be accessed via a web portal at or web service (XML) and seamlessly integrates with global distribution systems (GDS), websites and other booking tools. 

“Following on from the successful launch of the vNett solution in Europe, eNett has now added U.S. dollars to the growing number of currencies available in the virtual card platform to facilitate supplier payments,” said Anthony Hynes, managing director and CEO of eNett International.

Darryl Jang, senior vice president, business development, eNett International added, “Working with a number of travel companies in the USA to integrate vNett into their existing systems and processes has demonstrated the strength and flexibility of the solution. Our clients are already enjoying the benefits that the solution delivers including improved risk and performance management, as well as revenue enhancing and cost saving opportunities.”

Scott Hyden, vice president, sales, Travelport concluded, “Developed by eNett International as part of its joint venture with Travelport, vNett is an innovative solution that will appeal to travel agencies in the USA.”


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