Travelport, TravelSky Extend China Agreement

Travelport Airline IT Solutions, a division of Travelport serving the IT needs of airlines and travel suppliers worldwide, announced that TravelSky has renewed its commitment to the company, extending an agreement for the Travelport E-Ticket Interchange system and its interline e-ticketing (IET) capabilities.

TravelSky is a provider of information technology solutions for the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) air travel and tourism industry and the only GDS licensed in mainland China to make reservations for all airlines, Traverlport says. TravelSky has been a Travelport customer for 15 years.

The TravelSky Technology unit operates the reservations and departure control systems for air carriers in China, and also maintains the global distribution system for China's travel agencies.

TravelSky processes more than 200 million passengers a year in a rapidly growing travel market. Its customers include 30 domestic airlines and nearly 200 regional and international airlines, 147 domestic airports and 7,000 ticket agents, broadening its service range into 300 cities in China, 80 overseas cities and into social networking sites.

Travelport’s E-Ticket Interchange offers travel industry organizations and airlines an advanced, efficient global e-ticketing message switching platform.  It performs interactive message translation and switching functions between airline partners for interline e-ticketing, as well as both interactive and control methods for ground handling, Travelport says.

Airlines have immediate access to all carriers and ground handlers, representing over 20 different electronic ticketing systems, whose interline e-ticket messages are processed through the Interchange. The interline electronic ticketing (IET) infrastructure built into the Interchange removes technology barriers by allowing any electronic ticket- enabled airline to easily, quickly and cost-effectively connect with their interline partners.

“Travelport has played an important role in helping TravelSky sustain one of the world’s fastest growing travel markets,” said Sue Powers, CEO, Travelport Airline IT Solutions.  “We have enabled TravelSky to rapidly implement interline agreements and perform interline e-ticketing functions for carriers, significantly enhancing overall operational efficiencies for travel agents in China. This helps to support TravelSky’s goal to be one of the most efficient travel systems in the world while satisfying the ever-increasing growth of China’s aviation market.”