TRAVELSAVERS Re-Engineers Sales/Service Team

TRAVELSAVERS has re-engineered its sales/service team to help its agency base survive and thrive in today’s trying economic times, the 3,000-member agency group says. Business development managers (BDMs) will now promote the organization’s products, as well as those of its preferred suppliers, but will also function as business consultants to TRAVELSAVERS agencies as they assist agency owners and managers with growing their businesses.

“As business consultants, our BDMs help our agencies to think outside the box,” said Kathryn Mazza-Burney, executive vice president of sales and service for TRAVELSAVERS. “They help them focus on a niche, promote group business, or craft better ways to connect with their customers. Our BDMs support our agencies to drill down on preferreds, define their databases, create marketing plans, explore what works and what doesn’t about how they’re interacting with their customers.”

The TRAVELSAVERS sales and service team is also “training the trainers.”  They share strategies and techniques with the agency owners and managers to help them better train their front-line agents.


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