TravelTix Seeks to Increase Agents' Air Revenue

TravelTix, a new ticket fulfillment supplier, promises to make air bookings profitable for the 3,000 plus travel agents who are members of the American Marketing Group (AMG). AMG is the parent company of NEST, TRAVELSAVERS, agent24, TRAVEL HELPLINE, The Affluent Traveler and other travel companies. The air ticket fulfillment service has contracts with multiple international carriers.

Travel agencies that are part of NEST, TRAVELSAVERS, agent24 or TRAVEL HELPLINE can use TravelTix to increase their air revenues by earning high commissions, AMG group says. The fares are accessible through the web-based Worldspan GO system. In addition, travel agents who actively sell cruises can use Travel Tix when booking the air portion of their customers’ travel— and earn commissions.

“We established TravelTix as a win-win-win company, providing a compelling air solution for travel agencies, suppliers and travelers alike,” said Jim Mazza, COO of TravelTix.  “We’re supporting our travel agencies to grow, giving them the opportunity to increase revenues and build their visibility and identity in their marketplace. We’re also providing them with preferred suppliers who support their clients’ travel plans. With TravelTix, the ability to earn commissions on air sales is now back in the hands of travel agents.”

TravelTix will be headed by industry veteran Steve Pello, who joined the organization as vice president. Pello is responsible for day-to-day operations, administration, and negotiating preferred airline contracts with the air suppliers.  “Our primary focus is to increase our agencies’ commissions, provide better air fares for their customers, assist them in expanding and growing their businesses, and allow them to prosper in a challenging and changing travel industry,” said Pello.

“With TravelTix, I get rock-bottom prices on air for my clients," said Lisa Silvestri, owner of Silvestri Travel and a NEST agent who participated in the TravelTix beta test. "For example, I have a client who lives in Hawaii and was flying from L.A. to Sarasota for business. We started out with a $600 price that didn’t include service fees, and I was able to get it down to $268 including my service fee. That was just wonderful for my client! I’m also very excited about the opportunity to earn commissions and service fees on international air bookings. With its great air rates, e-itineraries, PowerShopper, hotel booking engine, and online training and support, TravelTix is a seamless operation. I look forward to using it exclusively for my air bookings from now on.”