Traveltrust Joins TWIN Network

TRAVELSAVERS Worldwide Independent Network (TWIN), has announced that Traveltrust Corp., a full-service corporate travel management company headquartered in Encinitas, CA, has joined TWIN. The move will deepen TWIN’s presence in the Los Angeles/Southern California market, the company said.

“Traveltrust is proud to partner with TWIN as we continue to add more value for our clients. One of the main reasons we decided to join TWIN was to become affiliated with travel agencies all over the world. We work with many companies that do quite a bit of international travel and having affiliate agencies in other countries is appealing to these travelers. We also believe that the 24-hour service will surpass any we’ve used in the past. The assistance our clients receive from our after-hours service is critical to our success as a travel management company,” Traveltrust said.

Rick Mazza, president and CEO of TRAVELSAVERS and TWIN, said about the new alliance with Traveltrust: “When agencies sign on with TWIN, they quickly gain a competitive edge to solicit and service mid-sized, large, and multi-national clientele because of the resources of our global network, knowledge base and negotiating power. Collectively, we are providing the highest level of account management and customer service available today.”


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