Trend Watch: July 19, 2010

Google: What Clients Search For

Want to know what the top consumer trends are when it comes to searching for travel? Research intensity has been increasing steadily, and as everyone knows, travelers are consuming more content online before booking a trip.

Here's the skinny from Jane Butler, Google’s Industry Director, Travel, who shared some general trends and percentages that will help you know what your clients are looking for. (All statistics reflect a year-over-year change from 2009 to 2010.) Among the highlights:

A 15 percent increase in site visits and 30 percent increase in search clicks prior to booking.


Over half of business and personal travelers interact with online travel videos in all stages of their travel planning.


Consumers are booking trips online closer to the travel date. The average booking in 2009 took place nearly a week closer to the trip date than in 2008, fueled by the desire to obtain last-minute deals and promotions.


Consumers are now used to online shopping and buying everything on the go. They are demanding access to information wherever they are, not just when they are by their laptop. Mobile is playing an increasing role in gathering information and transactions while traveling.


Keywords to Success

What kind of travel are clients looking for in 2010? If you’re an agent using the web for marketing and promotions, you may want to take a look at Google’s keyword search results data bank and use that to tailor your selling strategies for the types of travel consumers have been researching on their own. Searches for:

*    “Summer vacations” are up 5 percent
*    “All inclusive vacations” are up 20 percent
*    “Travel packages” are up more than 10 percent
*    “Train tickets” are up 10 percent
*    “Cheap plane tickets” are up nearly 10 percent
*    “Package deals” are up nearly 20 percent
*    “Last-minute flights” are up 9 percent, year over year—as are searches for “last-minute cruises”

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