Tripology May Be Acquired, Offers Free Leads

There is good news for Tripology fans. John Peters, founder and CEO of Tripology, reports on his website that he has signed a letter of intent with a company that wants to acquire Tripology.

“You’ll notice I said 'acquire' and not 'invest,' " Peters wrote. "While I cannot tell you with whom we’ve signed this deal or the details of the agreement, I will tell you it is a name you all know. I literally spent the entire past week evaluating the various proposals we’ve received from some very fine companies. The one the Board of Directors (of which I am part) decided upon is the one, obviously, that managed to act quickly enough and put together the best offer. 

“As you can imagine, I just cannot say anything more until the transaction closes (clause 1, paragraph 1, section A says I promise to keep my mouth shut or be shackled or something like that)," Peters continued. "I fully expect this deal to be consummated (though it’s not official until it is). I CAN tell you Tripology is poised to continue on; bigger, better and stronger than ever.”

According to Peters, agents with free or paid credits on file will continue to have those credits on file after the transaction is complete.

“During the due diligence process, accounting can be a pain," Peters said. "Ideally, in these scenarios, you try and keep accounting changes to a minimum. With that in mind, we’ve decided to offer Tripology leads for free to all existing, active Tripologist accounts in good standing. This will start today (effective as soon as you see leads stating 'Lead Price: $0') and will expire on March 5, 2010 when you no longer see '$0.' To be clear, this offer is valid only while you see 'Lead Price $0.' This is our way of saying thank you for your patience this month.”

Peters thanked supporters for support. “When this deal is done, we’ll all celebrate together.” 


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