Tripology Targets Small Agencies, Home-Based Agents

Tripology, the online referral service, is helping small agencies and home-based agents to showcase their travel expertise to attract new customers and has enjoyed explosive growth over the past year. The company aims to increase the number of small agencies and home-based agents who utilize its service in 2010.

“Over the past few years we’ve been thrilled to watch our home-based Tripologists form long-lasting client relationships from Tripology leads,” said Veronique Deblois, vice president sales and marketing at Tripology. “Tripology helps provide these smaller agencies with an easy and targeted way to reach a much broader range of prospective travelers. These smaller agencies also greatly contribute to our continued success – by matching specialized agents with consumers who are seeking their precise travel expertise. We look forward to helping even more home-based agents benefit from Tripology leads in 2010.”

Via Tripology, small agencies and home-based travel specialists can harness the immense power of the web to compete successfully with larger agencies on an even playing field with for new clients.

“I place significant importance on training my agents to be the best online travel specialists around, and I have a number of agents who are getting all of their new business from Tripology leads. This partnership has done wonders for my company and the success of my agents,” said Jason Jacobs, president of“The service has been particularly lucrative for travel specialists who take advantage of Tripology’s agent resources including: training opportunities and webinars for travel professionals, a knowledgeable customer relations support team, and consistently updated tips offered online.”

“With two Platinum agents and one that serves as one of Tripology’s Top Tripologist Case Studies, there are many Tripology success stories to tell within our agency,” said Anita Pagliasso, president of Ticket To Travel. “The value that we receive as Tripologists is immense, including ongoing training offered via their webinar series that we fully utilize to keep our agents up-to-date on the latest and greatest from Tripology. For several of our travel specialists it’s the number one choice for accessing new clients and prospects.” 

For host agencies, Tripology provides special promotions and perks for their member agents to receive high-intent traveler leads to boost business.

“As a fairly new host agency partner of Tripology, we are thrilled that many of our agents have already started to profit from Tripology leads. It’s wonderful to be able help bring Tripology’s qualified and targeted leads to our agents – it’s one additional way we can support our agents as their preferred host agency and help them achieve their business goals,” said Ken Gagliano, president of Travel Planners International, Inc.

Since the introduction of Tripology, travel specialists have clearly demonstrated their approval for this convenient, cost-effective and efficient online travel referral service. Tripology believes. The company says it has received and processed more than 120,000 trip requests since the consumer launch of in June 2007.

Travel specialists can access the company’s dedicated agent website at for information on how to become a registered Tripologist. Registration is free; there are no membership fees and no minimum purchase is necessary. Specialists only purchase the leads they want. Travel Specialists can access the company’s dedicated agent website at