Twitterati Gossip on Suppliers and Travel Agents

Suppliers who aren’t happy with the coverage the U.K.’s gives them might want to think twice about calling them up and howling about it. This morning, RyanAir apparently was none too pleased when reporter Ginny McGrath took on the task of trying to explain the low-cost carrier’s new no-frills check-in policy, which now includes a £5 online check-in fee. It has also doubled checked baggage fees.

After getting an earful, McGrath began tweeting about the calls to The Times' 4,235 Twitter followers….

Ryanair on phone again complaining we've got it in for them and arguing a point. Honestly, you bring it on yourself

Sorry, this is Ryanair latest and the updated Q&A - right, leaving office before they call again….

Meanwhile, GoGo Worldwide Vacations tweeted that it’s offering a third night free in Tuscany (….

ElDoradoResorts urged us to "stay tuned for an exciting announcement later today!"

ViewLondon posted that "the 2009 Summer Festivals guide is now available for your perusal"

msnbc_alerted the public of "travel Memorial Day Deals, from $104"

BeefeaterLondon Beefeater Gin London wants to know what your favourite cocktail is using gin? (I just threw that in for fun.)

As for what the world is tweeting about travel agents:

I found it interesting that the UK's EasyJet was advising a client to book direct (easyJetCare @pezholio thanks for feedback, we are taking this up with your travel agent. We suggest you always book direct to get best fare and service) as my lone experience with them was the absolute worst I'd ever had with a travel supplier...but I'm saving that for a future column.


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lagrandiva A lot of people are talking about vacations at the moment. Please remember that I'm a travel agent & will hook you up!

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