The Twitteratti on Travel Agents

Now that Twitter has a great search tool, I decided to simply type in “travel agent” to see what the public is saying about this esteemed profession.

Here’s a wrap of the past 24 hours…

Take a deep breath, some of it’s great, some of it’s educational, and some…not so much.

KalMan42: Ok, this trip isn't going as well as I had hoped. My travel agent may have been right. She thought I should fly, not hitchhike.

MJam76: is heading to a travel agent to book an awesome summer vacation :)

The clearly just-engaged goddessladyj is “Now off to a travel agent to see about planning our honeymoon!”

RachelRoseberry reports that “Justin Timberlake is secretly dating a travel agent.”

Daliali revealed that she had been “V annoyed at my travel agent all day but she just made up for it - first class seat to Dominica on 8 May. Fab start to the dive holiday!! (she subsequently apologized for using the word “fab.”)

Here’s a list of what followed… I omitted some comments because of language and inanity.

El__Flaco: When did I become my family's travel agent? I WORK WEEKDAYS PEOPLE.

coops71: My Mother is a Travel Agent for guilt trips.

Uptonrussell: This cruiseliner is not a boat. It's a bus. Agghhhh I was lied to LOL. Damn that travel agent.

mykoatl I'm gonna kill my travel agent she put me in an

SandiThoreson: I don't feel the slightest bit of pity for our travel agent who just lost her best customer! Boss is stranded in DC!!! Heads will roll!

Eganmalmer: I need a travel agent.

sammi_x: feels like getting my passport, going to a travel agent & seeing where the next flight will take me.

melindawarren1: Trying 2 finalize my trip 2 Cancun 4 my friend's wedding. Her travel agent is NEVER in the office she does more traveling than agenting!!

Carlhenderson: Conquest Vacations are out of business - another good reminder as to why to book with a travel agent so you have help in emergencies

Citywealth: Got to book flights for cannes film festival this morning. I loath that job. I need a flight booking assistant (is that a travel agent?)

T_Schulte @DenyseNTravel: YTB was apparently in the business of selling travel agent credentials and 'opportunity' but not travel...

misshulahoops @doughood: ...and i know just the travel agent to help you plan that field trip!

IAmTheAnt: Still waiting to hear from the travel agent. Gah! How long does it take to get a flight estimation, really?!?

eliza_kern: Travel agent wants me to spend seven hours by myself at night in the Lima airport this summer. Not sure that's a great idea.

slatham100: Spent last 2 hours being a travel agent for the boss. Bring you a pillow, sir? Order of fries?

Nicolefincham: I'm looking for a great travel agent to assist in destination wedding planning. Can anyone recommend?

princi76: Just got back from the travel agent, heading to Italy for the 2 months! I got all this time on my hands now...what else is a girl to do?

Nicolefincham: I'm looking for a great travel agent to assist in destination wedding planning. Can anyone recommend?

Brooklyngray: I don't think "trav­el agent" is the job for me... Over my head in travel logistics for 8 people, 2 locations.

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