U.S. Travel and AmEx Launch "Destination Insights"

American Express Business Insights (AmEx) and the U.S. Travel Association have announced a new tourism spending report series, “Destination Insights.” Offering in-depth analyses of domestic and international inbound travel spending in specific markets in the U.S., the quarterly reports – and the spending trends they reveal – are a powerful new marketing resource for travel service providers, AmEx said.

The subscription-based reports, which are available exclusively to U.S. Travel Association members, include thorough information on the origin and allocation of both consumer and business spending, as well as categorical trends, such as changing spend year-over-year by visitors on lodging, restaurants, retail or sports and amusements, among others. They are based on actual, aggregated spend by domestic and international travelers for the quarter prior, and provide valuable intelligence on:

• Differences in trends among leisure and business travelers to a particular city or state;

• Where the visitors come from and what they are spending on when they get there; and

• Other destinations the visitors travel to, and how their spending is changing in those areas.

“With this partnership, we are creating an invaluable resource for U.S. Travel Association members looking for significant insight into real travel spending behavior,” said Beverly Anderson, vice president at American Express Business Insights. “The timely market data and spending information included in the Destination Insights reports will help travel professionals decide how to allocate marketing dollars and other investments in order to grow their businesses and stay on the pulse of where their customer base is originating and what they’re spending on when they visit.”

Visit www.destinationinsights.org.


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