U.S. Travel Applauds Transportation Investment

President Obama’s new initiative to stimulate economic growth and job creation with a new round of stimulus spending by focusing on America’s roads, rail systems and airports won praise from the U.S. Travel Association. Roger Dow, president and CEO of U.S. Travel called the move – announced on Labor Day – “a positive and much-needed step toward rebuilding and expanding the national transportation system and strengthening our economy.”

Dow said the national transportation system is “the gateway to job creation in America's hotels, restaurants, attractions and destinations from coast-to-coast. Antiquated and inefficient aspects of today's transportation infrastructure have contributed to a decline in travel and economic growth.”

“The President's initiative - focusing on our highways, high-speed rail and our air travel system - will begin the process of ensuring that more Americans and international visitors can move safely and efficiently from coast-to-coast,” said Dow. “We look forward to working with the Administration and Congress to improve the way we fund, prioritize, and design our national transportation system. With these goals and renewed focus we can begin to strengthen and improve our economy and build a solid foundation for future generations of travelers.”

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