U.S. Travel Association Says JOLT Act Passage Would Strengthen Poland Ties

globeAdmitting Poland to the Visa Waiver Program could cement economic and security ties to Poland, according to U.S. Travel Association president and CEO Roger Dow.

Dow urged Congress to pass the JOLT act as a "quick and easy avenue available" for achieving the goal in a statement during President Obama's visit to Poland. During his visit the president signaled that he would like the U.S. to cement economic and security ties to Poland.

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"Visa Waiver is a highly successful program that, among many other positives, strengthens U.S. relationships with its most important international partners," Dow said in a statement.

"Washington leaders constantly cite promoting inbound travel as a critical tool for both economic and foreign policy, and Visa Waiver expansion is a proven, effective means for boosting international visitation to the U.S. Poland has long been among the strongest candidates for the program, and the move would dovetail with some of the objectives President Obama has laid out on his European trip," Dow said.

"Conveniently, there is an existing legislative vehicle for expediting the addition of Poland and other strong candidates to Visa Waiver: the JOLT Act, H.R. 1354, which has almost 160 House co-sponsors roughly equal in number between Republicans and Democrats. We ask the president to prioritize action on the bill, and call on House leaders to heed the huge bipartisan support for this measure and move it forward," Dow said.

"Just two weeks ago the president reemphasized his goal of bringing 100 million international visitors to the U.S. annually by 2021. The JOLT Act is a key ingredient in the recipe of policies that's going to make that possible," according to Dow.

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