USACA Launches New Request for Quote

The United States Air Consolidator Association (USACA) has implemented a new feature on its web site ( that allows travel professionals to receive prices from multiple USACA member consolidators with one easy tool.

The new USACA-RFQ program permits the travel agent to fill out an itinerary request for one-way, open jaw and roundtrip itineraries. Upon submission, the itinerary is then sent to each USACA consolidator who can evaluate the request and provide the agent with a quote. Launched last week, the USACA-RFQ system handled over 200 requests for quotes from travel agents on its first day of production.

"Travel agents can now very quickly and efficiently receive multiple quotes with a single inquiry, and the USACA membership is able to establish a relationship with many travel agents that might otherwise have gone elsewhere," said Akshay Shah, USACA president.

Most inquiries will receive multiple responses well within a 24 hour turnaround. Each USACA member consolidator has a special team of reservation agents responding to RFQ inquiries.

"Many of our fares are commissionable, while others are net and allow the agent to add their own commission," said Shah.

The USACA the national trade association for airline ticket consolidators. It requires that each member transacts at least $20 million annually in air consolidation in conjunction with scheduled airlines, is incorporated in the United States for at least two years, and has never filed for bankruptcy or ceased operation.



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