Using Smells To Sell Vacations


You have heard realtors recommend that your house smell like apple pie when showing it to prospective buyers. It creates a homey atmosphere and you are more likely to get a nibble. But now travel agents are using a similar technique to sell vacations in these tough times.

Travel agencies are pumping "vacation smells" into their offices in order to tempt clients to book trips. There are even different smells for different types of vacations. For example, orange groves are designed for the Mediterranean trips, freshly-cut grass for golf holidays, pina colada for romantic getaways and sea-breeze for ocean cruises.

Coconut is a popular choice with Thomson in order to sell the Caribbean while First Choice has toyed with the idea of ice cream scent to appeal to families.

Doug Glenwright, marketing boss for Thomson says, "When customers come into a scented shop they say it's like walking into a holiday. It helps them relax and encourages them to stay longer, so it helps sales."

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