Acts on Economic Impact

Concerned with the effect of the economic downturn and credit crisis, pledged its support to member agencies and urged agents to aggressively market their value to consumers. Steve Tracas,’s president and CEO, said the 5,100-member agency network would work closely with members and preferred suppliers.

“At, our #1 mission is to ensure the success of our member agencies," Tracas said in a statement to Travel Agent. "We are acutely aware of the stress the current economic situation is placing on both the traveling public and our members, whom we applaud for tackling these issues head on by retooling their business plans.

“To aid their efforts, is working diligently with our preferred suppliers to provide aggressive, strategic promotions exclusively for the benefit of our members. Additionally, our advanced marketing and technology solutions become great assets to members searching for a better way to efficiently sell travel and consistently stay on customers' minds,” Tracas continued.

“We urge our members to actively market their value to consumers in the most cost-effective manner possible. To help reduce marketing costs, is able, through sophisticated income demographic profiling, to identify which customers can truly afford to travel, even
during these challenging times. Those are the customers our members must market to and communicate with to move forward,” Tracas said.