Agents OK EZcruise reports a highly favorable response to EZcruise from member agents using EZguider—the organization’s comprehensive leisure travel booking tool. Powered by global travel technology provider TravTech, EZcruise is a web-based cruise shopping and booking solution embedded within EZguider. Since its launch in the fall of 2008, EZcruise training has been underway throughout the network.

“As more of our members are trained, they see why EZcruise is such a productivity enhancer with side-by-side shopping comparisons, deck layouts, pricing, booking and a host of features to make the selling process easier,” said Steve Tracas,’s president and CEO. “The EZguider platform now offers our members exclusive access to the EZcruise tool to book cruises, as well as tours, insurance and, soon, scheduled air through EZair. This product is a real differentiator for our member agents.”

The enthusiastic adoption and approval by members has been associated to EZcruise’s ease of use, as confirmed by Heather Wege, manager of sales and operations at Online Vacation Center, a top member agency. “Our agents prefer to use EZcruise over other available options,” said Wege. "It’s easy, very intuitive and faster than shopping electronically and then calling individual cruise lines. The multiple cruise line display and fare matrix is very robust, helping us zero in on the perfect sailing in no time.”

Other aspects of EZcruise touted by users are the rich and varied electronic content associated with cruise itineraries, destination data including weather and video, and real-time pricing and availability. “The itinerary and destination information is a vital part of EZcruise’s success, because it helps sell the cruise to the client,” said Gian Dilawari, the president of TravTech.

Agents can visit to learn more about EZcruise, a free benefit for all members. Current members can visit AgentNet to access EZcruise through EZguider.

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