Graduates First Agents has graduated the first agents to complete its new Travel Agent Training program, a comprehensive educational tool released in August of 2008. Shalona Goodfellow of Cruise and Travel Masters and Lori Salzman of Tampa Cruise Shop completed all 12 modules of the online Advanced Learning Platform. The program tested their knowledge on a wide range of leisure-selling subjects, including technology, products, destinations, communications and marketing. They both received a Certificate of Completion.

The Travel Agent Training program combines traditional coursework and e-learning solutions to create well-rounded, professional travel agents who can meet the diverse requirements of clients. While nearly every agent could benefit from its vast subject matter, it is best suited for promising new agents without much industry experience and for veteran agents who need to brush up on new destinations and sales tactics.

Geoff Stewart,’s manager of training and member development, was able to track the progress of the students through the online platform, where students could download and print supporting materials, receive answers to workbook questions and complete chapter tests. “I was impressed with the speed of which they both completed the course," he said. "It’s an extremely thorough program that covers every facet of the industry, so to absorb it all so quickly demonstrates how well the material is presented.” is offering the Travel Agent Training program at the exclusive price of $299 (plus shipping and handling), which is 40 percent lower than similar industry courses. The organization is so confident in the fast, effective results of the program, is offering a 30-day refund to any member who is not completely satisfied.

“That is an exceptional value for our members,” said Stewart. “ is proud to include this tool in our educational repertoire, along with our training opportunities at Conference, during regional events, at the agency via the Mobile Training Unit and online through Webinars.”