Launches One-on-One Agency Training

travel reports the launch of its new “Immersion Day” training events, specifically tailored to current members. The program targets agencies that are having success using’s suite of tools but would benefit from in-depth training on its programs and services to increase sales and revenue. 

Throughout the year, says it will host one member agency at a time and create a customized, day-long session catered specifically to the individual agency. The inaugural Immersion Day was held on March 26 at’s Alexandria, VA, headquarters.

“The Immersion Days are designed with the agency in mind. These exclusive events demonstrate the truly personal attention we pay to our member agencies. While we are a large organization, this gives us an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with those agency owners who are interested in learning how they can take full advantage of their affiliation with us,” said President John Lovell.

“Immersing agency owners in our suite of offerings helps them immediately become more productive. Our first Immersion Day was tremendously successful and we are confident future sessions will be well-received," Lovell said.

Prior to Immersion Day, the participating agency must complete a multi-page business analysis, which will assist in identifying focus areas for the day-long training. 

Then, during the eight-hour session, executive leadership and staff – representing departments such as training, account management, marketing, technology, and sales – work directly with the individual agency owner and/or manager in helping them understand how various programs will benefit the agency.

The specific programs and services included in the training are a combination of those requested by the agency owner and those that has identified as ones that have the best potential for increasing sales and revenue based on the agency’s profile and business plan. 

Upon completion of the training, works with the member agency to identify key takeaways and develops a strategic marketing plan based on the agency’s top priorities. Agency owners can then immediately begin applying what they have learned, says.

“It was incredibly beneficial for us to attend’s Immersion Day event. Receiving a customized plan takes’s commitment to us a step further – beyond what other agency groups attempt to do for their members,” said member Jennifer Yokiel, President of Minnetonka Travel in Wayzata, MN.

“Not only did we get an overview of’s marketing, technology, and training tools, but they’ve since already begun helping us implement the tools we weren’t using. The Immersion Day has better equipped us to manage our clients and provide them the excellent high-touch customer service they deserve," Yokiel said.