Offers Webinar on Preventing Cancellations

If you are looking for actionable steps to firm-up existing bookings and ensure clients return for future travel planning, may have some to apply. will host a webinar by noted author and marketing expert Mike Marchev on “The Art of Preventing Cancellations,” scheduled for Thursday, November 6.

This exclusive presentation will provide members with proven steps to avoiding profit-draining cancellations—an event that is occurring more frequently to travel agents across the country in response to a weakening economy.

“Existing bookings are becoming vulnerable as travelers scrutinize their spending habits during these unprecedented economic times,” said President and CEO Steve Tracas. “This webinar will provide our members with essential strategies to solidify reservations already on the books and to fully profit from their hard work.”

During this free Webinar, Marchev will discuss the numerous actions agents can take to ensure their booked clients complete the transaction, such as overcoming “buyer’s remorse,” maintaining the relationship after the sale and instigating a three-step approach to protect current bookings.

All attendees will receive a “Think Fast!” flyer to have ready at their desks to remind them of Marchev’s advice when a cancellation call comes in, preparing them to rebut a wide range of common arguments.

While the webinar will comprehensively prepare agents, the reality is that some customers will still cancel. In response, Marchev will address what an agent can do to preserve the relationship of a cancelled client and secure future business— a tactic that is imperative for travel-sellers to learn since the success of any agency depends on client retention and referrals over the long haul.

“The Art of Preventing Cancellations” and other informational webinars, such as October’s presentation on conducting GDS contract negotiations, are produced by’s department of training and member development. They provide members training on’s wide array of exclusive programs and products, as well as the everyday challenges they experience in running their business. members should visit the Agent Advancement Center at to register for this webinar, as well as access the organization’s vast library of recorded webinars.


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