Reports Agent Training Record

travel reports that 14,900 training touch points were made in 2013. The record-breaking participation number was achieved by members joining in no cost programs such as on-demand webinars, virtual classes and in-person events. says members have further opportunities to participate in upcoming spring Regional Training Events in Miami, FL (March 6); Uniondale, NY (March 13); Orlando, FL (April 10); and Denver, CO (April 22).

The spring regionals provide an opportunity for members to foster a sense of belonging amongst other professionals who are just as passionate about selling travel, says.

The regional events offer members the chance to meet face-to-face with leadership and learn about new ways to inspire their clients and grow their business. Attendees can take part in a variety of training sessions, mini-trade shows, supplier presentations and networking opportunities with other members.

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“ takes pride in providing opportunities for our members to be inspired and increase their knowledge base at the same time. It’s through these uniquely constructed educational events that our members are able to learn from leadership, our supplier partners and from each other,” said president, John Lovell. “ members are smart and inquisitive. We encourage them to continue educating themselves by taking advantage of’s numerous training opportunities, particularly at our spring regionals.” 

Throughout 2014, will offer its members a selection of new webinars including “Corporate Travel Kit” scheduled for February 19 – aimed at owners and managers looking to expand into corporate travel – which will provide sample business plans, RFPs and more. 

On February 26, is offering “Why Use CruisePRO?” This training session will demonstrate how CruisePRO can save time, keep members on track with their cruise deposits, notifications and final payments, and how to more efficiently handle reporting. 

A notable enhancement to some of’s most popular webinars will be the addition of a second trainer. The second trainer will be able to quickly respond to the questions coming from the GoToMeeting questions box while the other trainer continues teaching, says.

“One of the reasons why trainings are so successful with our members is because we make it very convenient for them to participate. Through our members-only Web portal, Agent Universe, members are able to preview all of the available trainings in one convenient place,” said training manager Nancy Griffin who notes some webinars have a participation rate of 89 percent.

Members can respond to all training by going to Or visit