’s EZguider Use Hits Record

A record number of member agents used’s web-based leisure sales tool—to quote and book travel in March, reports. More than 1,600 member agents are currently registered to use EZguider.


“During this year’s wave season, EZguider usage by our members was at an all-time high,” said Steve Tracas,’s president and CEO. “With its side-by-side shopping and booking capabilities for all the major cruise lines, EZguider’s ability to increase an agency’s productivity is beyond compare.”


Increased use of the system has prompting to release EZguider: The Guide, which includes step-by-step tutorials and text call-outs with Best Practices, Tips, FAQ's, Knowledge Checks and Additional Training information.


EZguider: The Guide complements the extensive array of training and support services has in place for EZguider, including On Demand E-Learning, Virtual Classes and Product Documentation—all designed to not only make it simple for members to access training, but also to meet the needs of different learning styles.

EZguider allows member agents to quickly compare similar products from multiple suppliers on one screen. EZguider users can shop, quote and book from more than 500 airlines, 12 major cruise lines, five preferred tour operators and multiple third-party insurance providers—all integrated into one passenger record and invoice while interfacing with the Trams back-office system.  



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