Webinar to Feature 'Gen Y' Speaker

jason dorseyOver 850 agents have registered for the August 14 webinar - sponsored by Marriott International - featuring Jason Dorsey, better known as The Gen Y Guy. Dorsey will lead a 75-minute webinar for members on Thursday, August 14, from 1:00-2:15 p.m. ET.  

The webinar, titled Attracting and Keeping Affluent Millennial Travelers (and their 5,000 Facebook friends), is part of’s effort to provide business-building education and training programs. The program includes on-demand webinars, virtual classes, and in-person events.

Earlier this year at’s International Conference & Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV, Dorsey served as a Marriott-sponsored keynote speaker, receiving a standing ovation from the attendees, said.

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“According to a report by the Boston Consulting Group, the Millennial generation will become the largest consumers of travel in the next five to ten years, as they enter their peak earning, spending and traveling years. So that our members can capture the attention of this up-and-coming generation and maximize their earnings potential with them, we are committed to providing industry-leading sessions to help them achieve those goals,” stated president John Lovell.  

As Gen Y consumers come of age – along with their spending power estimated at over $1 trillion annually in the United States alone – Dorsey will show members how to attract, communicate and win affluent Millennial travel business, the group said.

Dorsey will also answer questions about selling and marketing to Millennials and provide tips to help members setup their lead generating Agent Snapshot bio. 

Additional insights Dorsey will share include: three (3) actions to take now to increase conversions on your website, two (2) ways to make yourself an expert to Millennials overnight and one (1) thing to add to your email signature line to drive referrals ASAP.