Vacation Express' VEPremier Offers 17 Percent Commissions

travel agentVacation Express reports it offers a product brand designed specifically to accommodate the varying needs of today's travel agents: The  product caters to those agents who are comfortable charging a premium in return for outstanding personal service and expertise, Vacation  Express says.

"Travel agents today must be able to accommodate a diverse clientele. Some agents must focus primarily on price to satisfy price-sensitive clients, while others are able to focus more on service and are able to charge a premium," stated Rene Jongmans, president of Vacation Express.

" offers agents who may have clients willing to pay a premium for extra service and expertise, a more lucrative opportunity. This product pays a very high commission level of 17 percent, the highest in the industry, and includes other benefits, not the least of which is the confidence that comes with booking with a reliable tour operator."

The VEPremier brand is ideal for agents who enjoy a loyal client following and who know they can charge a premium for their service and are comfortable charging certain clients a bit more for a vacation package in exchange for their expertise and travel assistance, Vacation Express says.

VEPremier pays 3 percent commission on air and 17 percent commission on the land portion of an air-inclusive package and 17 percent commission on a land-only package. Extra perks include the elimination of Vacation Express change fees and mailed documents at no extra charge.

Popular Vacation Express incentive programs, "Freebies" and "Express Cash", also apply, Vacation Express says. Agents can also take advantage of the company's Reduced Deposit Plan (RDP) allowing clients to pay less up front.

Agents also have the option to add on an unrestricted, discretionary service charge if so desired, Vacation Express says. Vacation Express is part of the Sunwing Travel Group Inc.