VAX VacationAccess Introduces New Booking Tool

VAX VacationAccess announced the release of a variety of enhancements to its vacation booking platform. The upgrade includes “Vacation Experience,” a tool to help travel agents better match their customers with the experiences they desire. In addition, the improvements to the system are aimed at reducing calls and clicks, to help make travel agents more productive and profitable.

The new “Vacation Experience” booking tool allows travel agents to select the “experiences” their customers are looking for to more easily match customers with the hotels that fit their needs. Experiences agents may choose from include “all-inclusive,” “adults-only,” “family,” and “weddings.”
“This tool is the best in the industry at supporting travel agents as they become more focused on selling ‘experience’ more than price,” said Kathy Fitzpatrick, president of VAX VacationAccess.

Vacation Experience is an add-on to the booking search function in VAX VacationAccess. Travel agents select experiences to filter and shop hotels. It saves time by returning hotel options that fit the preferences of customers. Vacation Experience indicates VAX’s ongoing commitment to travel agents through evolving technology. VAX plans to apply “Vacation Experience” to its tours and features in the coming year.