VAX VacationAccess Supports Agent Contributions

The significance of travel to the U.S. economy is receiving an increasing amount of media attention, VAX VacationAccess said, offering its support for the U.S. Travel Association's Plan a Vacation Week. VAX also underscored the contributions of travel agents.

"Visibility for the value of travel and its impact on the US economy was promoted by the President at Disney World when he announced the initiative for improving Visa processing and the importance of travel to the U.S. Travel agents are certainly pleased to see the President speaking out on behalf of and in support of travel. The travel industry represents a significant portion of the overall U.S. economy and is the single largest service industry in the country," VAX said.

VAX noted that the U.S. Travel Association recently kicked off its Vote Travel initiative. "The world is experiencing a travel boom and the United States needs to be part of it," said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. "The impact of the $1.8 trillion U.S. travel industry is significant and growing, which is why we are galvanizing support and asking all Americans to 'Vote Travel' this election season.”

These activities and events have increased focus on the importance of travel and its impact on the U.S. economy, VAX said. "Travel agents, a critical component in travel, have also enjoyed positive press on their importance to their customers. Everybody needs to enjoy some recreation and vacation time and who better to help them do so than their local travel agent? Travel agents, many of who are small business owners working from home, are the backbone of the travel industry. Suppliers and travelers alike rely on the knowledge and expertise of travel agents to keep America traveling," VAX said.

"VAX VacationAccess knows the value of travel agents and works consistently to provide them with the tools they need to research, market and sell travel. As an advocate for the travel agent, VAX VacationAccess supports the business of travel and those selling it throughout the United States. The VAX platform brings together more than fifty agent-friendly travel suppliers with over 100,000 registered VAX travel agents to facilitate selling more travel," VAX noted.

VAX said it  also recognizes the contribution that travel brings to the U.S. economy by promoting the second annual National Plan a Vacation Week, March 18 -24th. 

National Plan a Vacation Week, a virtual travel planning event focused on highlighting the value of agents, provides agents with free promotional tools including a customizable micro-website featuring special supplier offers, to help showcase their value, increase sales, and gain new customers.

To support the focus on travel in the United States, VAX  reports it has dedicated one of its vacation themes, American Discoveries, for the National Plan a Vacation Week event. Together with other industry advocates, VAX continues to do its part to champion travel agents, the heart of the U.S. travel industry, VAX said. 

“VAX VacationAccess is pleased to see the additional attention being paid to the value and importance of travel, and will continue to support travel agents  and provide them the tools they need to be successful,” said Kathy Fitzpatrick, President of VAX VacationAccess.

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