Virtuoso Adds Itineraries to VAST Program

vast 2015 catalogVirtuoso has announced the lineup for its 2015 catalogue of VAST itineraries. The Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel (VAST) program offers travelers experiential travel options that include walking on icebergs in Canada's arctic islands, visiting the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon, exploring one of the world's greatest dinosaur fossil sites in Mongolia, seeing the cave temples on Mumbai's Elephanta Island, and walking among the Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu.

Highlights of the 2015 catalogue include:

Explore Iqaluit, Pond Inlet, and Byot Island in Northern Canada With Arctic Kingdom 

Guests can observe the rare tusked narwhal, polar bears and bowhead whales; journey by snowmobile to traditional Inuit hunting grounds; and kayak and snorkel under the 24-hour daylight of the Midnight Sun in the height of Arctic summer.

Experience America's Stunning Landscapes With National Parks Revealed 

On this itinerary guests will be able to hike a narrow Native American slot canyon, pedal along the Grand Canyon's South Rim, and see the arches at Zion National Park.

Dive Into the Culture of the Kazakh Berkutchy – the Eagle Hunters – in the Vast Plains in Mongolia With Nomadic Expeditions

Guests will be able to visit the Flaming Cliffs, where fossilized unhatched dinosaur eggs were discovered in 1923, and witness cultural performances and parades at the annual Golden Eagle Festival in the isolated Altai mountain range.

Immerse in the Heritage of India, the Historic Sites of Sri Lanka and the Natural Beauty of Sri Lanka With Zegrahm Expeditions

Guests can cruise aboard a locally crafted houseboat through the backwaters of Cochin near the Arabian Sea; wander through Goa's ancient streets past colonial architecture; visit the Temple of Tooth, a sacred Buddhist site; and visit traditional fishing villages on some of the Maldives' less-visited islands.

Trek the Mountains of Peru With Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Embark on a private excursion, hiking past natural caves and sculpted caverns to the Citadel of Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built during the 15th century.

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