Virtuoso Chimes in on Recent Agent Nation Buzz

A recent posting on AgentNation (featured, among other postings, in a recent web brief about popular topics in  the social community) called out a "Virtuoso Agency" for rebating on a Regent Seven Seas' world cruise and causing another non-Virtuoso agency to lose the business. Virtuoso quickly researched the issue to determine exactly what had happened. Mark Kammerer, Virtuoso vice president - cruise, supplied us with the following findings and response:

While we know rebating is rife in our industry, Virtuoso's credo is to serve the client through value-add and advisor expertise. Upon researching the accusation, we discovered that while Ms. Pajarola's client did cancel their world cruise, they did not rebook this cancelled departure with a Virtuoso member agency.  Had they done so, they could have participated in our exclusive Voyager Club group shore experience or a customized shore excursion, but not a rebate.  We are happy to provide you with this correction.
Virtuoso further investigated the claim and determined: "We also find no evidence that one of our members engaged in rebating, and it appears that Ms. Pajarola is referencing client benefits available through our Voyager Club program.  This program is open to all Virtuoso members and allows them to customize the benefits that will best enhance their client's cruise experience.  Virtuoso is a leader in this area, and this year marks the 20th anniversary of Voyager Club.