Virtuoso Launches eGlobalfares-Based Reservation System

Luxury travel network Virtuoso announced the launch of a custom booking portal meant for its member travel agencies that allows the network's travel advisors to more easily search and book Virtuoso-preferred airlines.

Members can now launch the portal directly from the network's own platform, Virtuoso Composer. The platform will ideally make it easier for advisors to find products, promotions and contacts quickly, while building on the strength of network relationships.

“Advisors now have full access to the booking records with the capability to update them,  and we can both proactively and automatically notify the booking advisor via email of any schedule changes or airline remarks," said Jim Osborne, vice president of Air, Space and Specialty Products at Virtuoso. "Our members can search, compare and book with confidence and with greater efficiency.”

eGlobalfares technology will be used to run the portal. eGlobalfares offers Virtuoso and its members a high degree of customization, according to Osborne.