Wedding Bells Ring: Cha-ching!



As a father of four girls I must say I am not looking forward to those magical weddings. Firstly I am not convinced that any man will be good enough for my daughters, and I know I will have to get over that. Assuming I do, which I understand every father does in some way, I now have to contribute financially to four weddings.

I joke with my girls that I want them all to elope at the same time on a tropical island. I would then be able to retire a lot earlier in life. I told them that if this happened, dad would be babysitting for them sooner than later.

All joking aside, we dads can’t wait for that day, whether it is for a son or daughter. What we do want to stay away from is the planning of both the nuptials and the reception. It’s generally not in our DNA to worry about dresses, flowers, table settings and the like. I tell every bride-to-be the same thing: “I hope it is a perfect day for you. But something will go wrong, so expect it—and when it happens, move on and enjoy the day.”

The Sandals Solution

Our friends at Sandals are attempting to prove me wrong. They have unpackaged the Destination Wedding, with a few simple clicks—a couple can choose color palettes that will carry through the day, flower arrangements, table settings and even the style of the wedding cake—and so much more. This gives you, the travel agent, an even more important role in this highly profitable booking—and you will receive commission on every aspect of a WeddingMoon that you book. Pictured above are Adam Stewart, CEO, Sandals Resorts International, and myself celebrating this game-changing announcement at a Sandals function in New York last month.

As for the peace of mind, I hope that one day my girls choose this route so I too can relax and enjoy their special day with them all the more!

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