The Weekly Wrap: User Comments & Discussion

From the H1N1 virus to Delta Air Lines' relationship with travel agents, our readers have been sharing their opinion on myriad topics within the industry. Check out what some have been saying.

Delta Air Lines & Travel Agent Commissions

When Delta announced that some, but not all, professionals would get a 10 percent commission for a limited time only, user CW was none too pleased:
I'd tell Delta to "shove their offer where the sun don't shine".  They're the ones that started this mess, and now, with their tail between their legs, they're asking for our support of their terrific airline.  HA!!!!!!!

Before that announcement, one agent blamed the airline for the tensions between carrier and travel sellers. One reader, Julia R, came to Delta's defense:
I find this interesting.  I went into business in 1982.  I have been through it all.  I specialize in International Humanitarian/MIssionary groups.  I sell about 90 percent on foreign airlines and make a good living.  They are most helpful, appreciative and take care of the client.  I follow the rules and get NO debit memos from the best.  God Bless Them and May Their Tribe Increase.

H1N1 Virus Impact On Travel

Just when Mexico tourism was getting over the challenging hump created by gang violence, the H1N1 virus (also called swine flu) set the travel industry, and the world, in a panic. Commenting on a recent poll about the virus scare, reader Evelyn spoke out about comments made by Vice President Joe Biden:
Our VP didn't help us either on the Today Show this morning. I guess they are only willing to help banks and car companies out. I can say you can't kill a dead duck

Whether a loyal Democrat, or travel contrarian, JC didn't think it was fair to point the finger at Biden:
People were canceling Mexico even before Biden spoke--so I don't think we can blame it on him.

Other readers addressed other elements the H1N1 scare.

After reading up on what some tour operators were doing to protect travel to Mexico, JDay questioned the operations of one of the suppliers:
Regarding Worry Free Vacations and their allowance to "rebook without penalty to another destination for departure within seven days before or after the original departure date"... This does no good for many as they only fly from DFW to Mexico.  How can we book an alternate destination free of fees?

Meanwhile, Rich Skinner, after learning that Carnival Cruise Lines had canceled itineraries to Mexico, urged those paying attention throughout the industry to calm down:
This is not a time to panic! Cancelling stops in Mexico will eventually lead to passengers not wanting to the Caribbean as well.  This is the news media's next cataclysmic event, much hype about not much.  Follow the advice of Homeland Security and wash your hand and don't couch on people--that's about the best the government can do!

But not all reader comments were taking place amidst heated discussions and debates. Some, like Juanita Nassardeen, enjoyed checking out what Las Vegas is up to this summer to prepare for a future trip as well as reminisce of a pleasant time in the past:
I will be visiting Vegas from 6/7-6/11. 1969 was a very important year for me.  I am hoping that they will have t-shirts with 1969 printed on them.

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