The Weekly Wrap: User Comments & Discussion, May 24-29

With Memorial Day's passing, summer is symbolically underway and our readers aren't taking any vacations from speaking their minds as the comments heat up.

This week we, of course, got some more feedback on the ongoing YTB saga, received another request for help by an agent from our users, and witnessed some vitriolic words about the Cruise Value Center (I'd like to preface that they don't reflect the opinions of

Beach Season Means Summer Is Underway

The Friday before the recent three-day weekend was the perfect time to publish Dr. Beach's top 10 beaches in the country, and it struck a seasonal chord with reader Vince, who wrote:
This is a really great top ten list, Memorial Day marks the Summer Beach season for me. Time to dust off the umbrellas, beach towels, chairs, and sunscreen.

I agree, Vince. I just wish that my favorite beach in New York didn't come in at third place because now I'm concerned about actually finding enough space to stake my beach umbrella and lay down my Transformers towel. Anyone know of a well-kept secret of sand and sea to where I can venture?

Have You Heard About This YTB Thing?

It wouldn't be a complete week here at TravelAgentCentral if someone didn't speak out on the controversial company, YTB. Shortly after George Dooley published a piece about the company's potential dilemmas with web marketing in the future, Sandy stated that she's had enough, saying:
Why are you even reporting on this? YTB is old news. No one cares what they do---we just want them to go away. Giving them publicity only fuels the fire.

On the same day, John F chimed in to respectfully disagree, commenting:
Sandy, I disagree. The more publicity, the more scrutiny they will draw from the industry, the consumers, and the legal entities that are investigating them.
If you look at the latest push--YTB is focusing on HARD recruitment before this June 1 deadline. There is no real intent to be a travel company.

My take? Love it or hate it, YTB isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So, in the meanwhile, why not keep coming back to share your comments, questions, and pros and cons on the matter? Constructive dialogue always benefits any topic, and you know how much we like to hear from you.

Someone's Enjoying Cruise Value Center's Come-Uppins

Our man Dooley wrote about the Cruise Value Center shutting down back in November, and the comments have been pouring in by the month ever since (you'll even see that an agent and a supplier connected to do business in the aftermath) . The latest comes from a former employee who apparently feels the company has been served with Karma. Andrew F. Siwadlo filled us in on his experience with the company, commenting:
This company Cruise Value Center was a ripoff. I worked for this company about for seven months. One day I came in late because my baby cousin had died and the owner Jeff K. pulled me into his office and said that if I were to come in late again that he would make sure that I would never work in the state of NJ ever again. When I left they laughed at and called me a stupid pollack that I was leaving the best business in NJ. Now I have a $70000.00 a year job. Who is laughing at who now? I am glad that they went out of business. What goes around comes around. This company treated workers like dogs. You were always talked down to. So Jeff you can take this message and shove it up your candy *ss!

I don't think any snarky commentary by yours truly is needed here. The comment speaks for itself.

Obama Versus Sin City

Political junkies and Las Vegas fans have been aware of the not-so-tight relationship between President Obama and anyone involved in Sin City's tourism industry as of late. The President visited the city this week, the first time since some controversial comments of his provoked Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman to demand an apology. When the story first broke about Obama's comments, some readers expressed their disapproval of the President's actions. But recently, one came to defend the Commander in Chief. Leslie Lutz said:
I'm delighted that a President finally started telling these greedy large corporations what they can't do with taxpayer money. They wouldn't be cancelling contracts unless they had something to hide. And honestly, I can't beleive that LVCVB is blaming Obama for a decline in tourism. Really? The ones that make the most profit are the ones that are really hurting now, so Las Vegas go ahead and take your hit like all the rest of us have and grow up.

I traveled to Vegas in 2004, and I loved it. Everyone should go there at least once in their lives and I hear now is a great time because there are bargains and deals to be found. As for whether Obama was right or wrong, I'm staying out of this one and just glad that the opposing comments added a "fair and balanced" take on the subject (note to Fox News, thanks for letting me"borrow" your trademarked words— at least I think they're trademarked).

Good Samaritan Watch

Two weeks ago, a YTB agent asked for feedback about how to join a class action lawsuit against the company after paying nearly $500 to be an RTA for the company. This week, a reader is seeking help on a less controversial matter, Royal Caribbean's "Wow" program. Can someone reply to Doreen Allen's query? She stated:
I need to finish the wow course but cannot find it, please help me to do so.

Come on agents now, smile on your sister and help her out, will ya?

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