Welcome to the New TravelAgentCentral.com

If you’ve been to TravelAgentCentral.com lately, you may have felt as if you’ve entered an entirely new world. That’s because it is an entirely new world, completely re-crafted to suit your needs when it comes to selling travel.

Have you ever been on the phone with a client—or even had someone sitting right in front of you—and had the need to know about a destination, instantly? With that very scenario in mind, we’ve designed a  “Simple Search & Navigation,” which allows you to navigate your way to all of our content. You can search by categories, such as destination, trip type, industry and supplier information. Your search will scan all of the content within TravelAgentCentral.com or you can even do a search of a carefully honed list of travel sites powered by Google.

Included in the very rich content on TravelAgentCentral.com are feature stories that focus on new hotels, cruise lines and destinations. These stories, written with just the travel agent in mind, are filled with the details that matter to you the most, such as best rooms to book and contact information for the people whose role it is to assist you.

Multimedia plays a huge role in the new TravelAgentCentral.com. Our video library, focusing on destinations, properties and cruises, is replenished regularly, and we are constantly adding podcasts in order to help you sell the destinations that your clients are asking about.

Our polling feature on the home page gives you the chance to express your opinions on changes in the industry.

Of course, the News section on TravelAgentCentral.com is still in place and our team of reporters is constantly bringing you the latest information in the industry. We’ve added a constantly refreshed “Deals” section. These deals can relate to you, in the way of bonus commissions and fam trips, or they can simply be great promotions that you will want to offer your clients.

Blogging is another feature that is now included; here, you’ll find our reporters reporting live on critical travel events or you may even find one of your travel agent colleagues reporting back on a trip. The best part is, you’ll be able to add your comments to these blogs to keep the conversation going.

Not to be left out is the ability to sign up for an RSS feed from Travel AgentCentral.com, and the opportunity to sign up for our portfolio of newsletters, which are themed around the Caribbean; Europe; Mexico and Latin America; Hawaii and the South Pacific; Las Vegas; and, of course, Cruise.

You can also sign up for our Daily News & Deals Alert, which keeps you constantly apprised of what’s going on in your industry.

So, welcome to our new world. It’s been created just for you.

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