WestJet Signs Agreement with Travelport


Travelport has signed a new global full content agreement with WestJet. The multi-year agreement secures access to the airline’s published fares, inventory and full range of products and services for all Travelport subscribers using the Apollo and Worldspan systems in Canada and the United States. The move benefits 63,000 travel agencies worldwide.

WestJet has also become a participant in Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) in Canada and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) in the U.S. in order to fully support electronic ticketing. Travelport customers are now able to view schedules and availability in real-time, issue tickets electronically, and take advantage of WestJet’s interline capabilities. 

WestJet becomes Travelport’s 300th linked carrier. The deal includes an upgrade to last-seat availability, the highest level of inventory control with auto-fare quoting, electronic ticketing and interline electronic ticketing.

These upgrades give Travelport customers real-time, interactive access to WestJet inventory, and real-time confirmation of price, bookings and seats, enabling the airline to offer the highest level of service to its guests. In the future, WestJet will also participate in Travelport’s sales of ancillary services, specifically, the sale of pre-reserved seats.

Visit www.Travelport.com.


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