What Children Want From a Family Vacation

Booking.com has released a new survey on what children want from a vacation, based on over 22,500 post-vacation reviews from children aged five to 15 in 31 markets worldwide. 


For teens, the ability to stay in touch on social media while on the road was key. The majority (89%) of children 12-15 years old prioritized a strong Wi-Fi connection as essential, and having the chance to take cool photos for social media was important for nearly half (44%). Staying near a pool or a beach and enjoying lots of activities were also ranked in the top five important factors. Conversely, only a quarter (25%) of those 12-15 years old think it's important to make friends with other kids while on vacation.

For children five to 11 years old, the pool or the beach is more important. Staying near a pool/cool water slides (73%) or beach (58%) are deemed the two top priorities for children ages 5-11, followed by activities they can't do at home (54%). Playing with other children is important to nearly half (42%), and over a third would like to have all the ice cream they can eat on vacation (34%) and food that isn't usually allowed at home (32%). One in five look to stay somewhere with a room bigger than they have at home (24%) and with bouncy beds (22%), while one in ten (10%) expect vacation staff to be good at telling jokes. 

The findings highlighted Greece, Brazil and the U.S. as among the top-rated destinations for children this year, with all three countries recommended by the young guest reviewers who visited. Japan, Mexico and Canada were also given kudos by children visiting from around the world.

Source: Booking.com