What’s Going On? Marketing for the New Consumer

Travel Agent was recently on hand in Orlando to moderate a panel of travel industry executives. The event, which was hosted by the Orlando/Orange County Convention Visitors Bureau, included an impressive lineup:

Mark H. Brown, executive vice president, AAA Travel; David Pavelko, head of industry, Travel, Eastern Region, Google; Jack Horne, vice president of sales, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts; Mike Pusateri, president and CEO, Vantage Strategy Consulting; Doug Shifflet, chairman & CEO, DK Shifflet and Gary Sain: president & CEO of the Orlando/Orange County Convention Visitors Bureau.

In this third and final part of a three-part series of roundtable discussions, the executives discuss how they are changing their marketing and advertising strategies amidst the current economic crisis in order to best target the new consumers of today. Get their insight in the video below: