What's Your Dream Vacation?

Edward Pearson

Six Senses Soneva Fushi in the MaldivesTravel Counsellors "I am lucky enough to be going on my dream trip in July," says Edward Pearson, Travel Counsellors PLC's top-producing agent, based on the Isle of Man, where he's getting married this summer. "It is Bora Bora, in a water bungalow on a turtle reserve; the idea of the only thing to worry about for three weeks is the thought of whether the turtle I tagged the day before is still swimming about. The French Polynesian island of Bora Bora is a place that I have wanted to visit for a very long time, and I think the Maldives is a runner up. This to me is a trip that can only be done once in a lifetime as it is such a long way and I don't think it is the sort of place you would return to, as it would lose its attraction, to me."

Lisa Prosk

Altour/Classic Cruise & Travel Lisa Prosak of Altour and Classic Cruise and Travel was fortunate enough to have just taken her dream trip. "I recently was in the Maldives," she says, "and after 32 years in the travel industry, I can honestly say: If there is a heaven, it begins there. I am a very anxious and high strung individual, and would never go anywhere without a TV, radio or phone in my room. I need excitement and planned things to do. But I also love the water and the beach, so I was willing to go on this fantastic trip.

"Once I arrived, I was a changed person from the moment I jumped off of a sea plane onto a floating landing, where a motorboat picked me up to take me to the Six Senses Soneva Fushi, a resort and spa in the North Baa Atoll region of the Maldives—where they collected my shoes, never to be seen again until I left. I was in heaven," she says.

"The island is all one property, where the villas are on the beach with a private pool. It's very private and each villa has its own personality, including outdoor bathrooms and showers. Everyone has their own private bicycle and butler, who will picks you up in a little golf cart to take you to the spa, to the yoga class, to dining, or to your own private tour of their underground winery," she says.

"The food is fresh and brought in every day; they have their own gardens for fresh fruit and vegetables. You cross over a shaky bridge to get to the dining room where the tables all have lounging sofas rather than tables. You can live in your bathing suit every day. You swim in front of your villa every day and take sunset cruises, or have a private picnic on a small private island."

Trudy Lagerman

Trudy Lagerman

Liberty Travel For Trudy Lagerman, a travel consultant with Liberty Travel in Selinsgrove, PA, her wish-list vacation is to the Seychelles. "I just like its remoteness and uniqueness," says the self-professed beach lover. "I would like to combine it with Dubai, just because of how remote and quiet it is." When? "I'm not sure how soon," she says, "but I will get there."

Florence, Italy

Klaus Billep

Universal Travel Systems "I would take off to southern Italy, fly into Rome and drive to Positano on the AmalfiCoast," says Klaus Billep, president of Universal Travel Systems in Santa Monica, CA.

"I would check into one of the fine hotels there, with beautiful views of the isle of Capri." Billep would then take a day trip to Capri on the hydrofoil. "I speak the language a little and I enjoy the food, which is important if you're traveling to Italy," says Billep.

He would then head up the coast to Florence, to wine country, and stay overnight in one of the country farms. "These have four or five bedrooms," he says. "It's like staying in a private home; you have as much privacy as you desire. But when you want service, all you do is ring a bell and they come with cappuccino or prosciutto—whatever you want."

Billep notes that the hotels in Positano aren't cheap; they average about $900 to a $1,000 a night, and the country farms cost $350 a night, breakfast and dinner included.

As for getting around, "You can drive if you like, and make like a race car driver," says Billep. "Or opt for a private car and driver, which will run you about $500 to $600 a day."