What's Your Opinion? Carnival's Recognition of YTB

Those that visit TravelAgentCentral.com often are aware that many of our readers have bold opinions (pro and con) about YTB. It now appears that Carnival Cruise Lines has a strong approval of the company, as it awarded YTB with its "Pinnacle Award."

"Travel agencies are an important part of our distribution system, which is why we created the Pinnacle Club. We want to recognize agencies like YTB Travel Network," said Carnival's Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Joni Rein.

Carnival is no stranger to dealing with controversial companies. Earlier in 2009, the line stopped doing business with JoyStar, a host agency under fire for its bankruptcy and handling of agent commissions. But YTB is not JoyStar, nor is it going bankrupt.

The award begs the question: Does recognition of YTB by a supplier like Carnival Cruise Lines refute claims by some travel professionals that YTB is not a legit agency?

Please vote in our poll to the right, and share your opinions by posting comments below.

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