What's Your Opinion: Home-Based Vs. Traditional?

Last week Michael Browne posted a discussion question on AgentNation asking your opinion on whether home-based travel agents were any different than traditional ones.

Here is what you said:

ultimatetravel writes, "There are some organizations that focus on the recruiting of home-based agencies and advertise that if you do this you can get the same perks as a regular travel agent so these people are in it to book their own travel rather than sell travel, but they are in the minority...when you combine all sales from home-based agents it is a formidable number and a growing segment of the industry."

DonnaBakerOlsen offers a different view. "Without a storefront (bricke & mortar) location we are often overlooked...I try to schedule three to four webinars a week and this helps keep me abreast of what is going on in the industry, however I do know agents that refuse to participate in webinars, they insist on FAMs."

According to 7706136, "As a home-based agent, I have to flex between the need of my clients and the needs of my business...I also know from conversations I've had with store-front agents that a lot of them consider themselves too busy to take webinar trainings. I consider them a top priority, both for the networking, and the information."

Finally SeasidePaul tells us, "...many vendors are unable to recognize that home-based agents are not only part of the host, but independent business in their own right...These differences between a home-based and a storefront agency are primarily focused on the supplier side of our business."


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