Who's the Best at Social Media?

keyboardGenSent Insights reports Walt Disney World is the top theme park destination brand in Online Impact Media Value for 2013, generating $10.7 million.

SeaWorld placed second at $7.7 million with Universal Studios ($6.2 million), DisneyLand ($3.2 million) and LegoLand ($ 3.1 million) rounding out the top 5 spots.

GenSent Insights uses proprietary natural language processing technology to produce industry reports on consumer sentiment.

 Highlights from the report include:

 ·        Disney World has inspired 123,000 tweets for 2013 which accounted for $8.3 million or 78% of its total media value.  This was more than twice the number of tweets as the next closest brand, Universal Studios, at 59,000 tweets.

 ·        SeaWorld’s ranking was skewed from press coverage of its Initial Public Offering on April 19 which generated 1,175 news media mentions and $1.2 million of media value on this one day alone. As a result, 45% of its total media value for the four months was generated in just this one month.

 ·        Overall, for the 15 destinations tracked, a total of $37.6 million of Online Impact Media Value was created with Twitter accounting for $24.6 million, news media for $10.5 million and other websites and social media for $2.5 million.

 ·        Celebrities often have a significant but short lived affect on twitter volumes. Universal Studios saw a one day increase of 4,197% when Justin Bieber’s mother tweeted that they were at Universal Studios. At Six Flags Magic Mountain, daily twitter volume increased by 2,170% when actor Corbin Bleu tweeted that he was “at Magic Mountain having fun !”  And at Disney World, Joe Flacco’s presence after winning Super Bowl MVP honors resulted in a 171% increase in daily tweets.

 The results were slightly different on the Sentiment Scale, a measure of the tone surrounding a brand on a scale ranging from -100 to +100.  Disney World again topped the list with a score +66 with DisneyLand second at +59. Universal Studios was third at +56 and LegoLand fourth at +48. However, Busch Gardens at +47 replaced SeaWorld in the top five in sentiment value.

 “It is not surprising to find Walt Disney World at the top of our Theme Park Destinations Report” said Don Damore, of GenSent Insights. “Managing public perception in a family experiential focused industry is of the utmost importance.  Inspiring online conversation from unbiased consumers is invaluable in today’s environment.  Additionally, the importance of Twitter as a driver of online value cannot be under estimated.  It is clear that this channel of communication needs to be embraced by all brands within the industry.”