Why Instagram's New Desktop Search Will Come in Handy for Travel Agents

instagram profileInstagram recently debuted a new feature that will make it easier for travel agents to connect with clients. 

Early this week the company announced that it would add the search function of its mobile app to desktop, allowing users to search for location tags, hashtags and account names in a single search bar on the Instagram homepage, Search Engine Journal reports. 

The move builds on a big update Instagram made to the search feature of its mobile app back in June, which gave users the ability to search across people, places and tags at the same time, according to the social network's official blog. This latest move brings that functionality to the social network's website, allowing users to do the same thing when accessing the network on a desktop computer.

Instagram is a mobile-first platform, with users only able to post photo updates from the social network's mobile app. As a result the network has developed a burgeoning travel community that many agents have been able to capitalize on by spotlighting their own travels. But the new desktop search feature can make that travel content more visible -- say, to a user looking to kill time at work browsing travel photos on the Internet. 

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