Why Sell Travel Insurance: Advice for Agents

One of the most important things your clients can pack for their trips is travel insurance, according to the U.S. Travel Insurance Association (UStiA), which offers three major reasons why selling travel insurance is a smart move.


1. Maximum Protection
According to a 2008 study conducted for UStiA, entitled “Sources of Travel Insurance
and Assistance in the U.S. Market: Addressing the Myths & Misconceptions,” no other
single source provides the full spectrum of coverage and services that comprehensive
travel insurance does under one umbrella.

“The fact that your clients can go to one source and obtain maximum protection with
minimum effort is a key selling point,” says the UStiA. “Selling travel insurance provides your clients with hassle?free, one?stop service in the event of an emergency or mishap."
UStiA, however, cautions that clients may be under the misconception that their credit cards, health insurance policies or even the airlines will cover them for all situations, but this is not the case. “You may want to review your client’s coverage with them before
departure to ensure they are adequately protected.”

2. Peace of Mind & Loyalty
A separate UStiA?sponsored survey found that peace of mind was among the top
reasons that people purchase travel insurance. “The peace of mind when your clients
know they will be protected for any number of possible mishaps that could occur can go
a long way in building customer trust, loyalty and satisfaction. And that ultimately leads
to repeat business,” says the UStiA.

3. Dollars and Sense for Travel Agents
“Travel insurance products provide an added source of revenue for travel agents
through generous commission structures,” adds the UStiA. “Selling travel insurance also
makes good sense from a legal point of view by limiting your liability if something does
go wrong and helping to shield your travel agency from potentially costly lawsuits.”