Win a Trip to Las Vegas With New Agent Contest From VAX Vacations

VAX VacationAccess reports it is using Facebook to help travel agents reach out to their customers to share some love. The “I love my Travel Agent because...” contest encourages agents and their customers to share unique stories. More than 1,500 agents participated in last year’s National Plan a Vacation Week and there is strong interest in this year’s event, which enables agents with marketing tools and tips to showcase their value, VAX says.

The “I Love my Travel Agent because…” contest will generate interest and encourage agents to reach out to their customers to demonstrate the value they provide, VAX says. National Plan a Vacation Week is running this contest for customers and agents to engage through Facebook. Visit between now and January 20, 2012 to learn how to participate.

Agents are asked to share stories about how they have provided unique experiences for their clients. Customers can share stories of how their travel agent made their vacation better and provided lasting memories. Each week agents and customers will be eligible to win Starbucks gift cards and one agent will be selected to win the grand prize, a trip for two to Las Vegas.

“The ability to have agents and their customers engage with National Plan a Vacation Week using social media is something we are pleased to offer this year. Consumers are sharing their vacation experiences on Facebook, and agents are using Facebook as a way to demonstrate their expertise. VAX is pleased to create this contest to showcase the value of travel agents and increase consumer engagement in advance of our second annual National Plan a Vacation Week,” said Kathy Fitzpatrick, president of VAX VacationAccess.

National Plan a Vacation Week, the virtual vacation-planning promotion highlighting the value of travel agents, is set for March 18-24, 2012. This event provides travel agents the opportunity to create individual micro-websites featuring unique supplier offers, photos and videos, enabling them to better market themselves to consumers.

VAX provides access to National Plan a Vacation Week free of charge.

“The travel industry is important to our overall US economy and travel agents, many of them independent and small business owners, are critical to its success. As an advocate for travel agents, we are excited to offer this unique event again in 2012 that truly highlights the value of working with travel agents,” Fitzpatrick said.

Additional information about National Plan a Vacation Week and the timing for agents to build their own micro-websites is coming, VAX says. Agents who participated in 2011 will be given access to their original sites to update. Agents and Suppliers interested in participating can find more information at VAX within the Agent Resources tab.

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