On Site: Acapulco Launches Tourism Revitalization Campaign

As part of our ongoing coverage of the 37th annual Tianguis Turistico, Travel Agent learned that the Acapulco Destination Marketing Office, in conjunction with the office of the Secretary of Tourism for the State of Guerrero, announced the launch of a new consumer-driven tourism campaign focused on the revitalization of Mexico's first beach resort.
A combination of public relations, digital communications, social media and on-the-ground efforts, the campaign will aim to educate travelers on the positive strides being made within the destination and throughout the State of Guerrero to change the overall perception of Acapulco.
The new campaign will launch with the development of a new English language website for the destination - rememberacapulco.com - which will be rebranded to highlight the timeless glamour of Acapulco captured in the new guidebook, Acuérdate de Acapulco (Remember Acapulco) while incorporating contemporary technology such as social media connectivity and enhanced, interactive content.
Additionally, the new campaign will further promote the multi-million dollar investment by the State of Guerrero and the Federal government - Guerrero Seguro (Safe Guerrero) - a new program that officially launched at the end of 2011. This program is designed to help visitors feel comfortable during their visit to the destination and is made up of three sub-programs - Safe Nightlife, Safe Road and Safe Taxi.
Visit rememberacapulco.com and keep visiting www.travelagentcentral.com for more updates from our ongoing coverage of the 37th Tianguis Turistico, which runs through March 28.