Sleep to Dream at The Benjamin

During National Sleep Awareness Week, March 7-13, 2010, the Harford Courant offered helpful tips on the best way to get the perfect night's sleep, starting from the basics, like the pillow.

According to the Courant, one of the top places to stay for an ideal night sleep is New York's The Benjamin.

The Courant writes, "Before [guests] arrive, the hotel's "sleep concierge" Anya Orlanska sends them a special menu of such sleep aids as relaxing massages at the hotel spa, bedtime snacks of warm milk and cookies, aromatherapy bed sprays and bedside white-noise machines to drown out stray sounds. Oh, yes, and pillow choices. A dozen, to be precise.

"We offer our guests a selection of 12 different types of pillows, including down, buckwheat, satin, water-filled, Swedish memory foam, magnetic therapy, jelly neck rolls with packs that can be heated or cooled and hypo-allergenic pillows," says Orlanska.

"Younger guests often opt for the 'sound' pillow, with built-in pockets for MP3 players, or the five-foot body pillows. Moms-to-be are offered a special maternity pillow. Trendier buckwheat pillows, Orlanska says, are popular with "celebrity" guests. The "Snore No More" helps ensure a blissful night's sleep for long-suffering spouses."