Alesha Dawson

Alesha Dawson, 28
Island Bridal / Island Travel Group
Urbana, IL

Since joining Island Travel Group in 2015, Alesha Dawson has completely immersed herself in travel — from trips to the Dominican Republic to Bora Bora to Greece to New Zealand to Italy and beyond. After all, travel is her motivation to being a successful advisor. 

“When I first met my boss, she told me about Island Travel Group and how it would give me the opportunity to travel,” she tells us. “I took a big leap and decided to follow my dreams and what I was passionate about. I took the position with Island Travel Group and have never looked back. I know the harder that I work and sell, the more I will get to travel.”

Dawson has a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management from Lincoln College in Normal, IL. Throughout college, she interned with a few resorts and a minor league baseball team. When she graduated, she accepted a position at a convention and visitors bureau working as the tourism and marketing manager. 

Soon after that, she linked up with Island Travel Group. “Alesha has achieved a high level of success in a very short time, both in sales and industry recognition,” says her co-worker and mentor, Jennifer Wayland.

Dawson says that shortly after joining Island Travel, she was asked to be the social media manager, a task her strong background in marketing prepared her for. “I also took on the role of coordinating our weekly office phone conferences where we discuss our highs and lows of the week, and solve any issues the consultants are facing.” 

Alesha Dawson