Alyssa Cureton, 28

Alyssa Cureton

Alyssa Cureton, 28

AAA Carolinas

Charlotte, NC

Alyssa Cureton earned her degree in Political Science but worked part time at Victoria’s Secret during her job search, and that’s what led to her career in travel.

It actually worked like this: Cureton got hooked on travel after a family vacation to Hawaii and a trip with friends to Cabo. She took a few cruises and then started bringing family members along. When Cureton got into a conversation with a regular customer at Victoria’s Secret and described the benefits of a cruise vacation to her, the lightbulb switched on. “From discussing the disembarkation process, the benefits of booking her excursions in advance and even what excursions she might like to do in the ports; it clicked. I knew I was meant to be a travel agent,” she tells us.

Her passion for her career has led to success. Cureton has been asked to sit on the AAA advisory board, a collection of advisors who provide insight into the travel world and to share best practices that can be implemented in training of upcoming agents. 

“You would be hard-pressed to find someone with the passion, commitment and dedication to travel and her clients more so than Alyssa Cureton,” says Rob Huffman, vice president of travel, AAA Carolinas. “Having been in the industry for a short three years, Alyssa has made a significant positive impact on her co-workers and certainly her clients. She worked tirelessly for her clients prior to COVID and the grace she has exhibited through the pandemic to properly communicate with, provide solutions for and offer options to clients has been extraordinary – and she has been doing so with a smile on her face.”

Alyssa Cureton, 28