Alyssa Elmore

Alyssa Elmore, 22
Legacy Travel
Plano, TX

“Wonderful,” “amazing,” “patient,” “a great help,” and a provider of “excellent customer service” are just a few of the accolades bestowed on Alyssa Elmore by her clients.

She started with Legacy Travel fresh out of high school, as the agency’s office assistant and spent a year and a half “understanding how everything works, listening in on the conversations around me, and absorbing as much as possible. It made the transition into my new role [as a travel agent] seamless,” she explains.

A little over a year after attaining agent status, “I hit the $1,000,000 mark in sales and have grossed $1.2 million in the past 12 months. I have exceeded my monthly commission goal 12 out of the 17 months working as an agent,” Elmore adds.

“Alyssa tied [2016] 30Under30 winner Lesley Stone for the fastest to hit our payroll bonus program,” Philip Banks, the agency’s president, says. “Recently, Alyssa has shown even more growth as she has taken the lead in helping to train and mentor our newest travel agent hire.”

Earlier this summer, she found inspiration in a luxury travel presentation by Ignacio Maza, EVP of Signature Travel Network, at the Signature Regional Educational Forum in New York City. “He discussed a travel agency that had a ‘luxury line’ within their business, offering the highest level of luxury and services to clients who were looking for something a little extra special.” She is now determined that “this is the experience I want for my clients. I am failing [them] if I just give them the cheapest package.”

Elmore pitches her services like that of a party planner, telling prospective clients: “I bring your ideas to life and give you the security of knowing you have a professional (backed up by a team of the best suppliers / hoteliers in the industry) in your court for any and every travel need.”

Alyssa Elmore

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