Ariel Weinshanker

Ariel Weinshanker, 28
Vosant Meetings & Travel, affiliated with Magma Global

New York City

Formerly in a sales role with Mandarin Oriental, Ariel Weinshanker founded Vosant Meetings & Travel, an affiliate of Magma Global and a Virtuoso member, in 2018, and since then she has built a loyal following of high-level executives and wellness groups. 

“Having come from the hotel side of the business, Ariel quickly transitioned and was able to impress clients,” says Mark Rothman, the CEO and founder of Magma Global. “Her excellent client service skills and attention to detail have been a huge asset when handling vacations, corporate travel and retreats.”

For example, while working on the hotel side, Weinshanker spent one evening locating a hotel room for a client on one of the busiest nights of the year for hotels in New York City, in order to cover up an error that client had made. 

“My client, who was too worried about getting fired to think about anything else, eventually came back thanking me and being interested in working with me for all of her VIP business into the city,” she says. “Secondly, my boss pulled me aside to acknowledge the work I had done to go above and beyond for a guest, which had no impact on my sales role or our hotel.”

Since founding her travel agency, Weinshanker has been building her business by seeking out partnerships with organizations and companies who have their own pool of loyal members. 

“I find that when travel agreements are framed as partnerships requiring participation by both myself and the organization, it is easier to hone in on people who will use my travel services,” she says. “I am creating a nice pipeline of clients from different market segments who have global travel needs.” 

Ariel Weinshanker