Bailey Marquis, 25

Bailey Marquis

Bailey Marquis, 25

Travel Central

Metairie, LA

Bailey Marquis of Travel Central says the smartest thing she’s done this year has been to implement service fees. 

“I go over the process of how I work and my travel management package fees at the introductory consultation,” she reports. “Applying a discovery fee at the beginning before I spend time researching and creating a quote compensates me for my time. Once the traveler is ready to book, they pay a travel management fee at the time of deposit, which compensates me for additional variables of a trip, such as complexity, number of people, the length of the trip, etc. This amount is disclosed when I present the quote.”

With time and practice, she’s now comfortable explaining the program, which also allows her to filter out those “who are just looking to copy my itinerary from those that see the value in what I do,” she says. “My confidence implementing fees allows me to make more money and allows me to spend more time managing vacations that are worthwhile,” she reports.

Marquis hails from “a small hippie town in northern California.” She came to Louisiana for school, fell in love with the state and got married in New Orleans. “My husband is a pilot for American Eagle. My dad is a 787 captain for American Airlines and my mom is a retired flight attendant, so travel has always been an important part of my life,” she says. She’s been to 30 countries so far and her true love is planning European vacations. 

During COVID, Marquis has created her own personal brand image outside of her host agency and launched Highlighting her home page right now is an adventure trip to the Arctic for March 2021.

Bailey Marquis, 25